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Statement Jackets to Step Up In Fashion World

Investing in a Winter Jacket is a yearly ritual. New Year, the new top layer is a mantra divas follow religiously. Some people realize the importance of a classic topper too late in the season and are left with the old ones to pair for the rest of the season. While new sales are going live every other day right now, you have got the best time to sort out your wardrobe before the holiday season begins.

Statement pieces are often chosen by models on and off-duty for their enthralling vibes. Since fashion is reversing towards the classic era, most of the statement topper is similar to the 70s and 80s era clothes. The desire to get something new every holiday season is not an unfamiliar one; when you are buying presents for others, there is a little child in everyone who wants to get something for himself.

Whether these top layers work for a single season or will stick by your side more than a year is totally up to you, but what we can tell you is that they are the essentials. If there is a sale, do not miss out on these gems!

Basic but Beautiful 

Who said going classic with basic style was boring? They did not know that minimalism is the latest trend. Fall and winter wardrobes are incomplete without a couple of classics, and these basics will make up for all the elegance in your outfits. A refined and polished look is easy to achieve with a double-breasted woolen jacket.

A coat is equally charming, but a jacket is what you should be aiming for. This is one of those designs that are solely dependent on the details. Classic styles carry their charm, which is never low on the fashion radar.

Classic Trench

A classic trench coat can easily make your style go off the charts. Leopard print leather trench coats are often considered as the topmost symbol of elite taste. The reason is that not every person can pull off a printed trench coat with elegance. Whether there is a print or not, your style speaks volumes about your personality. If your outfit seems too tangled and complicated, it ultimately gives the wrong impression about your personality. Instead of indulging in styles that are hard to play with, go with easy ones to stay in the cream of the fashion fraternity.

Belted Coats 

Cinched at waists, these coats give an enthralling aura and silhouette. Women who know that long and short coats only stand out when paired with classic boots can easily pull off this typical fall look in winters as well. Scarves and mittens are additional accessories, but the magic happens even when you are wearing a plain solid colored coat with a stunning belt at the waist.

It is indeed a seasonal investment, but one that will stay with you for years. You do not invest in a sturdy coat only to bid farewell to it next year.

Checkered Coats 

When you have had your fill of monotonous clothes, a checkered print is all you need. Woolen long coats with checkered exteriors are street style winners. Loose pants with a turtle neck in the same color and iconic checkered outerwear make up for a dynamic pair. This pairing is work-appropriate by giving powerful and assertive vibes.

Winter accessories look chic with this outfit, but even if you are cross with carrying a beanie over this classic attire, you can go without any accessories and look as chic as possible.

Exciting Puffer Jackets 

A little different than the ones we have on the list, this one is a chic modern piece. Puffer jackets are highly insulated and feel comfier than other formal options. Turtle necks and sweatshirts are perfect to go with these jackets. There are long puffer coats too, but you cannot expect the same amount of functionality when you are wrapped up in a cocoon from head to toe.

For the best look in this jacket, wear your snow boots. It is an iconic winter wardrobe staple and should never be forgotten at home when leaving for a vacation.

Fringed Chic Jackets

After several runway and magazine appearances this year, fringed jackets are now the most craved and unique style in women’s style. From fall 2020 to winter 2021, this trend will stay at the top of the lists. You can rest once you own one of the variations for a long time. These jackets are often viewed as typical Western-style outerwear, but this is not the story here.

Flaunt this iconic piece with chic pants and inner layers and change the perception! Leather pants and skirts look pretty hot with the rugged style of this Winter Leather Jacket.

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