The Most-watched Superhero TV Series of the Decade!
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The Most-watched Superhero TV Series of the Decade!

While movies keep people stick to their screens for two to three hours, Tv-series keep them attached for a longer time. They become the most important part of their lives; binge-watching those series and then getting sad over the end of those series is now such part of the lives that no one can deny. This is the reason for TV Series Jackets getting so much excited at the events. We all live life in these series, and the fun multiplies when series are superhero-inspired. We get to experience a whole new level of the fictional world, and it gives us hope to stand tall in tough situations.

There were many series released in this genre during the past decade, but no one can compete with The Marvel Cinematic Universe when it comes to the Superhero series. Every series under the banner of Marvel was remarkable, but Daredevil has won among them. This series was inspirational, and it kicked off all the other Marvel’s series. The portrayal of Charlie Cox as the Daredevil was more than inspirational. The different supporting roles were also fantastic, every character was remarkable, but the key characters such as Elektra, Kingpin, and unforgettable Bullseye stole the show.

Before Marvel and Netflix parted ways, Daredevil was indeed the most-watched series of the decade. Without any doubt, Daredevil is considered the best series of its time, and it’s a shameful and heartbreaking act that it got canceled. Daredevil is kind of a dark show which helped many of us to channel the inner darkness in ourselves. It has violent scenes when needed, and it shows a dark emotional journey of a person becoming a superhero.

The series starts with a blind man named Matt Murdock (played by Charlie Cox); just like every other blind man, he has all other senses very active with being blessed by superhuman intelligence. During the daytime, Matt constitutes the attorneys while he turned into a vigilante at night, Daredevil. He was relentlessly fighting for justice; in that way, he has to avenge many bad guys to death. Even one bad guy hired someone to kill him, and he single-handedly fought for his justice. Without any sight, Daredevil managed to save his girlfriend and his own life from Bull’s eye.

There were many reasons for this series to become the most-watched one; a few are stated below:

  • The main aspect which took this show to the sky was the actors’ performances. Of course, seeing live-action is a totally out of the box request, though the performances in this series were legendary. Every scene of this movie was the embodiment of perfection and professionalism. Even the most difficult scenes were portrayed with an exceptional class that viewers were awestruck during that performance.
  • The first season of Daredevil didn’t take much inspiration from the comic books, but the second and the third season adapted from the comic books reflected from the sudden turn of the story.
  • Daredevil was the least known character of Marvel, among other lavish heroes, he was the most underrated one that is why the majority of fans were even unaware of his personality. Though this series portrayed the finest revival of him, now you will be considered living under the rock if you say you don’t know about him.
  • Another factor that has made this Marvel series an absolute wonder is the sturdy role of the villain. Vincent D’Onofrio played the main antagonist; even in the world of Thanos, Kingpin has his place. He didn’t need all infinity stones; his sharp mind and superhuman strength were enough to make him the scary thing.
  • This series might be considered a drama series, but the involvement of a superhero has turned this series turned out to be the best action series. It worked on both departments; action and drama altogether, it never disappointed its fans.

Inclusively, if you still haven’t watched this series, then you should start watching it, but beware! This series doesn’t have more than three seasons. The controversy between Marvel and Netflix resulted in the ultimate takedown of this series from the website. Well, even though the public just got only three seasons for this website, they extracted so many ideas for their TV Series Jacket Collection