Reportedly the Former MCU Villain will be seen in Captain America's Look!
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Reportedly the Former MCU Villain will be seen in Captain America’s Look!

The recent wave that is delaying all the movies and TV series from their original release dates has also affected the upcoming Marvel shows like ‘The Falcon and the Winter Soldier.’ The television play hasn’t even got a date yet, but the thing that is authenticated is the appearance of John Walker! It was told long ago that Wyatt Russell would gear up in the mighty Captain America Costume after being qualified as an associate of the government of the USA.

Of course, Steve Rogers will be our Captain America forever, but he is enjoying his retirement at the moment. Someone has to be the savior of the universe, right? It is also confirmed by some sources that the 4th addition to the Captain America movie series — The Winter Soldier (2014) — will be featured as a part of the chain of things that were left off in the upcoming miniseries on Disney+.

 Well, the news is that our favorite villain Zemo will also show up in the television version! Yes, the same purple masked villain from the Marvel World will join hands with Thunderbolts. As written in the comics, he will be a Thunderbolt but having a big deviation from the actual plot.

Shortly, he will wear the red, blue, and white costume, take the same serum that made Captain America a super soldier, and imitate Captain America! The formulas and techniques have already been revealed in front of the world by Hulk that Ross did on Steve Rogers. Hulk is the main mastermind behind the concept of Thunderbolts, so, understandably, he will turn out to be the person who will give the serum to Zemo.

That would be a humongous alteration by the director, Kari Skogland, from the comic books. But it seems like intelligent work done by her as Zemo already considers Captain American and the whole Avengers team behind the demise of his loved ones. So, it could be believed that he will do that as an act of revenge and to show the world and Steve how the Cap should be! So, are you excited? Well, if you don’t know who Zemo is, then continue reading!


Baron Helmut Zemo, famous as just ‘Zemo,’ is an ex-soldier belonging to the army of Sokovia and also EKO Scorpion’s commander. The fight of Sokovia made his mindset criminal and transformed him into a terrorist whose life’s goal was to take vengeance from all the members of the Avengers. His obsession with wiping out the whole Avengers team from the world made his entire life revolve around this idea. He considered the team to be accountable for the demise of his closed relationships.

After coming to know that he cannot do that all alone, he tried to create disputes among the Avengers members. He framed Bucky Barnes, the murderer of T’Chaka, which persuaded Steve to protect him from the forces against him. That was the main reason that caused a Civil War between Ironman and Captain America in the next installment. Tony Stark sent men after Barnes when Zemo became successful in making Tony believe that Barnes killed his parents.

With the superheroes fighting with their team members, Zemo became convinced that now he will get his revenge. He attempted suicide, but Black Panther caught him and admitted him to a prison of the terrorist center.

Before that, in the comics, he was the head of HYDRA and a team known as Masters of Evil. He also joined

Thunderbolts in the latter. The purple mask that he wears is meant to hide his scars on the extremely damaged face. He was a lefty and loved coffee with strips of bacon. If you are wondering what his specialties was then have a look here;


A Skilled Strategist: His intelligence was evident from his planning to take his revenge. When he knew that he couldn’t kill any Avenger on his own, he started a war among them. He also had an option to free the combatants from the HYDRA center, but he evaluated that this way, Avengers will join hands against him and become more united.

  • Polylingual: He has proficiency in multiple languages like English, Sokovian, German, and Russian.
  • A Skilled Hacker: He hacked and decoded the documents related to the Winter Soldier Program when Natasha Romanoff uploaded all the files of HYDRA and spy agency SHIELD.
  • A Trained Fighter: He was the best combatant with uncatchable and unmatchable soldier skills.
  • The Master Engineer: He even built a bomb to destroy a power plant in Berlin.

So, what are your thoughts about this idea? Will Daniel Brühl, aka Zemo, be able to be the best version of Captain America? Let’s wait for the TV series to release in 2021 finally, and with the months left in it, suit up in the Captain America Jackets to be the best version of Cap in the real world!