The Iconic Batman Jackets from the History
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The Iconic Batman Jackets from the History!

Gotham City’s backbone, Batman, has been the sole protector of the city for decades now. He has single-handedly dealt with more villains than any other DC comic’s hero. Batman does not possess any cosmic or superpower. He is as human as anyone, but he has made immense efforts to hone his detective skills and strength.

Batman Costumes have made numerous appearances throughout the decades and continue to win on all fronts. Whether it’s a cosplay convention or a theme party, Batman’s authentic costume is a definite presence. Why is he more popular than others of his kind? He uses technology, science, and his cunning brain. Second, he is a brute force. Third, no one could expect this sort of a turn out from a kid who lived in the haunting trauma of his parent’s death.

It did not take him long to reach the top; Batman soared right after his first media appearance. Operating from the hidden Batcave beneath the gorgeous Wayne Manor, Batman, along with Alfred Pennyworth, has gotten everyone wrapped around his finger. His every move is under a number of eyes waiting to pounce on him at any moment!

Batman’s character is not limited to a single form of mainstream media. He has been adapted to multiple media platforms after being licensed. From movies to video games, Batman’s character exists in all realms. He fights an assortment of sinister and evil creatures but never loses his morality or sanity; how? We might not be Batman, but there is one way to live the dream!

Batman V Superman Ben Affleck Wool Coat 

Sequel to Man of Steel, Batman v Superman is another installment in the DC Extended Universe. Both the movies got the traction they deserved, but the sequel showcased some mesmerizing pieces that have become a staple for menswear now. Ben Affleck’s brilliant acting skills take things up a notch when he appears in front of Superman.

In this comfortable and soft looking wool coat, he seems like a charmer from a mile. There is no denying that Ben Affleck was made for this role. He adapted to it and wore it like a glove. Zack Snyder’s creative masterpiece was released back in 2016 but continues to influence fashion scenes in menswear.

Batman V Superman Ben Affleck Black Leather Jacket

In the same movie, Ben Affleck flaunts a dapper yet classy leather jacket. Every fan swooned over this look the instant it appeared on the screens. The dashing look of Ben Affleck in this jacket was the reason there was a sudden surge in demand for leather-bound apparel in street style as well (at least for his fans).

In this movie, the focus of the creator was to show a more fabric-based character of Batman, not the usual armored one. Viewers have seen him fully armored a couple of times, but watching him mingle easily with the masses is a rare sight.

Batman Injustice 2 Leather Jacket

Based on the DC Universe characters, it is an action-filled video game and a sequel to the previously released Injustice: Gods Among Us. The main plot of the game is somewhat similar to the previous version but showcases new Gear System features. In the sequel, Batman is seen wearing a costume with a red bat logo on the front. The armored costume looks tremendous, and fans who can never get enough of this franchise are head over heels for this grey and orange masterpiece.

Ben Affleck Justice League Bruce Wayne Black Parka Coat

Ben Affleck’s jaw-dropping appearance in Justice League is another opportunity for his fans to replicate an iconic look. He appears in a long parka coat that looks like a second skin to his threatening personality. Pairing this parka coat is pretty easy but always results in a unique outfit. A simple black turtle neck or a crew neck, both go well with the sophisticated and classy style of this parka. Boots are the only preferred footwear with this vintage piece of clothing!

Bat Logo Red Hood Arkham Knight Jacket

Another video game featuring Batman’s verse, Batman: Arkham Knight, has all the major characters (heroes and villains) from the DC Comics. All the charm exhibited in theatres is calculated and delivered in the same way in this video game. A variation of Batman Jackets, this red bat logo jacket with a hood is another one of the crafty pieces designed for loyal fans of the franchise.

Whether you go for a cosplay outfit or a variation of one of the costumes, you can easily make a reputation in the fandom with these options. Batman fans have put in their efforts to continue getting content from DC Universe compared to other fandoms!