The Ultimate Guide to Wear Long Jackets!
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The Ultimate Guide to Wear Long Jackets!

Stocking up on Winter Leather Jackets is not enough; you also need to add long coats and long jackets to your wardrobe to add class and style to your daily wear and slay. Every long coat is not the same, as, for long coats, we only know about trench coats. Here are some long coats which you need to add to your wardrobe for a perfect look.


This might be the newest kind of coat for you. This coat was generally designed for traveling. Especially people who spend most of the time driving should go for this coat immediately. This coat has a simple design and convertible style with a slight A-line towards the hips that will give you extra space while sitting, and by that, you’ll be able to steer your vehicle peacefully. This coat has a slightly different length than the usual long coats. They are longer than a jacket but shorter than a long jacket (trench coats etc.).

They‘ll help you have a classy formal look on business trips, whether you are traveling by car, plane, or train. This coat has a very simple design and look. To carry out the classy look, stick to the plain car coats over your business casual, you can also go for the prints and checks, but they will add unnecessarily extra weightage to your look.


Trench coats are never going out of style; they have made so many proclaimed comebacks repeatedly that taking them out of the trending list seems an impossible task. You won’t see a winter catalog without a trench coat because this coat is always trendy. It started as a protection layer for soldiers now; this coat has beautiful styles and variations. However, the typical epaulets and storm flap collars are the same as they indicate the military history of this coat. A trench coat is a classic, timeless, and fashionable apparel that should be present in every wardrobe. The new style of wearing a trench coat is going for a colored trench coat over a monotonous black outfit.


Crombie jackets are a real classic addition to the long jackets category. The coat was introduced in 1805, and at that time, it was impossible to imagine British noble people without it. These coats are made for winter days, especially as they are manufactured with materials like cashmere and tweed. Crombie is an all-rounder coat that can easily work as a replacement for a single-breasted suit. Despite wearing jackets and blazers, take a “break” from them by opting for a Crombie jacket. You can also wear it with casual clothes like a semi-formal shirt, denim, and leather boots. If you think you are brave enough, you must go for tan color or bright colors, but natural and muted earthy tones are the must-have for any wardrobe.


You have to be daring to wear this long jacket; it officially belongs to artists and intellectuals. It came with a hood and toggle closures, so wearing it with a suit will be a malfunction while you can wear it during your leisure activities. Duffle coats are usually mid-length, so be extra careful of your height, do not go for it if you are too tall. It would be preferable to wear this office only outside your office only with rough shoes, denim, and chunky sweaters. Try to wear them in subtle, neutral colors instead of bright colors.


The pea-jacket, also known as caban, is famous for its wide lapels and sea captain’s coat style. It has a two-row button placket, which will work impeccably for stormy days at the sea — though, of course, it’ll work on the land too. Pea jackets are a mid-length layer, and they are also not for everyone, so if you find this alluring on yourself, then go for it. You can give it a sporty touch by wearing it over a hoodie, casual pants, and sneakers. Nobody will think that you are a sailor, as wearing it over formal wear will give you a sailor’s look. Though for a cozy look in winter, pea jackets should also be added to your winter jackets list.