PUBG 5M Green Varsity Jacket Costume Guide For Gamers
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The Ultimate PUBG 5M Green Varsity Jacket Costume Guide For Gamers

If you have ever wanted to capture the essence of the PUBG 5M Green Varsity Jacket and build a complete look around it, you are in the right place. In this PUBG 5M Green Varsity Jacket Costume Guide, we will walk you through not only the essentials for the PUBG costume but also additional jackets that can help you elevate your gamer wardrobe. So, grab your controllers, put your game on pause, and let’s get started.

The Centrepiece of Your Costume

PUBG 5M Green Leather Varsity Jacket

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The first and most important item in your PUBG 5M costume is the signature Green Leather Varsity Jacket. This iconic piece sets the tone for the whole look, and it’s something you can wear and feel confident in. The jacket is primarily made of wool with vegan leather detailing. It has a buttoned closure in front and a rib-knit collar, giving it an authentic varsity feel. The base color is black, with contrasting green panels for added visual impact. Moreover, the sleeves are full-length, complete with rib-knit cuffs to keep you snug and stylish. A key feature is the logo detailing at the front and back of the jacket, a must-have to complete your PUBG look. You can find this jacket in our Halloween Varsity Jacket collection.

How to Wear It

You can pair this jacket with simple, basic pieces to let it shine, like a white tee or dark denim. Remember, the jacket is the star of your outfit.

The Essential T-Shirt

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Underneath your PUBG varsity jacket, you will need a reliable and comfortable T-shirt. The Men’s Originals T-Shirt is a perfect choice. It is made from cotton, and its short-sleeve tee ensures comfort throughout the day, regardless of what your gaming sessions throw at you.

Styling Tips

Keep your t-shirt clean, ironed, and ready to wear. Tuck it into your pants for a more formal look, or leave it untucked for a casual and relaxed vibe. Whichever way you choose, ensure it complements the overall look.

The Battle Belt

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To level up your costume, the Tactical Battle Belt Set is the third item you need. This belt is made for tactical shooting, and it certainly brings an extra touch of authenticity.

How to Use it

This tactical belt can also function as a practical item where you can attach various cosplay props, such as binoculars. Make sure to adjust it to a comfortable fit, neither too loose nor too tight.

The Cargo Pants

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To complement the top half of your outfit, go for Alfiudad Cargo Pants. They are casual, military-inspired pants with a tough appeal that fits right into the PUBG aesthetic.

Styling the Pants

The key to pulling off these pants is balance. They are quite roomy, so pairing them with your fitted varsity jacket and slim-fit tee will create a balanced look. 

Classic Aviator Sunglasses

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No gamer look would be complete without the classic Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses. They provide a cool, stylish finishing touch that not only enhances your costume but also serves a practical purpose if you’re heading out on a sunny day.

Wearing Sunglasses

These sunglasses work with almost any outfit, so you can wear them with your PUBG costume or any other look. When not in use, simply hang them from your shirt’s collar or place them on your head for a casually cool vibe.

Putting It All Together

Now that you have all the essential pieces from our PUBG 5M Green Varsity Jacket Costume Guide, let’s break down how to put everything together seamlessly.

Step 1: Start with the Basics

The foundation of your look is the T-Shirt. It is a basic, comfortable tee that serves as the canvas for the rest of your outfit. Simply put on the T-shirt and make sure it is smooth and wrinkle-free.

Step 2: Bottoms Up

Next, pull on your Cargo Pants. They should fit comfortably around your waist and have enough room for movement. Make sure the hem falls right around your ankle for the best look. 

Step 3: The Tactical Touch

Now, it is time to strap on your Battle Belt. This accessory gives your outfit a distinct PUBG feel. Fasten it around your waist, ensuring it sits comfortably without being too tight or too loose. 

Step 4: Varsity Vibes

Next, put on your PUBG 5M Green Leather Varsity Jacket, an exclusive item from this year’s video games jackets sale for this Halloween. Make sure it’s buttoned up to the top for that true varsity look. Check that the collar lies flat and that the sleeves reach just past your wrist. Now, you are really starting to look like a character from the game.

Step 5: The Finishing Touch

To top off your outfit, grab your Ray-Ban Classic Polarized Aviator Sunglasses. These can either be worn over your eyes for a cool and mysterious vibe or placed on your head when not in use. 

Alternative Varsity Jackets for Gamers

While the Green Jacket is the centerpiece of this PUBG 5M Green Varsity Jacket Costume Guide, there are plenty of other pubg gaming costume jackets that can help you create your unique gamer aesthetic. Here are a few other options:

1. The Elegant Lacoste Green and Yellow Jacket

The Elegant Lacoste Green and Yellow Jacket

This sporty American Baseball Team Lacoste Green and Yellow Jacket is a great option for gamers who lean toward an athletic style. The wool material ensures warmth, while the ribbed collar provides a traditional varsity jacket feel. With two waist pockets and two internal pockets, you have plenty of space for essentials.

2. The Classic Asa Butterfield Blue Varsity Jacket

Asa Butterfield Sex Education Blue Varsity Jacket

The TV Series Sex Education Otis Milburn Blue Bomber Jacket was worn by Asa Butterfield’s character in Sex Education. Its blue color, buttoned front, and ribbed collar give it a youthful and contemporary look.

3. The Versatile Austin Abrams Green Varsity Jacket

The Versatile Austin Abrams Green Varsity Jacket

This Scary Stories Austin Abrams Varsity Jacket is a must-have for fans of Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. This wool jacket features a buttoned front and rib-knit collar. Moreover, the leather sleeves add an edgy touch, while the pockets provide enough space to carry your essentials.

4. The Charismatic Austin Kane Red Varsity Jacket

The Charismatic Austin Kane Red Varsity Jacket

For gamers who love a festive aesthetic, this Santa Clauses Austin Kane Red Varsity Jacket is a perfect choice. It is made of wool fabric and features a buttoned front, a shirt-style collar, and four outer pockets. It’s a playful addition to any gamer’s wardrobe.

Bonus Tips for a Perfect Gamer Look

a. Consider the Occasion

Think about where you will be wearing this outfit. If it is a gaming event, feel free to go all out with the props. If it’s more casual, perhaps opt for a jacket from our Varsity costume jackets Collection and T-shirt combo.

b. Authenticity vs. Comfort

Remember to balance authenticity with comfort. You want to look the part, but you also want to feel good in your outfit.

c. Mix and Match

Don’t be afraid to mix and match these items with other pieces in your vintage varsity costume jacket wardrobe. Each piece is versatile, and you can create many different looks around them.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it. With this PUBG 5M Green Varsity Jacket Costume Guide, you will be able to create a convincing and stylish PUBG costume. Remember, cosplay is all about expressing your love for a character and having fun, so enjoy the process of building your outfit and showing it off.