The Classic Elegance of the Succession TV Series Wardrobe

The Classic Elegance of the Succession TV Series Wardrobe

It is not just the gripping drama and brilliant acting that has us all glued to HBO’s smash hit, Succession. If you are like me, you have also been mesmerized by the show’s stunning wardrobe choices. The show is all about the constant display of power, wealth, and status. So, without further ado, let’s talk about the succession tv series wardrobe that stood out and left us wanting for a shopping spree.

1. The Charismatic Kendall Roy’s Shearling Jacket

The Charismatic Kendall Roy's Shearling Jacket

Who can forget Kendall Roy donning that chic shearling jacket? This Kendall Roy Succession S04 Brown Leather Jacket isn’t your typical jacket. It is made of real leather, which means it will stand the test of time. Moreover, the faux shearling lining gives it an upscale appeal. Also, it has a front zipper, shearling collar, and spacious pockets, which makes Kendall look more laid-back, showing a different side of him. 

2. The Classic Sarah Snook’s Brown Blazer

The Classic Sarah Snook's Brown Blazer

Next up, let’s talk about Shiv Roy, the only daughter in the family, brilliantly portrayed by Sarah Snook. She is strong, ambitious, and stylish as heck. The brown blazer she wore in Season four exudes power and authority. Didn’t it just look perfect on her? TV Series Succession S04 Shiv Roy Brown Blazer is made of high-quality suiting fabric and has an inner viscose lining. It also features a stylish lapel collar and a buttoned closure that amplifies the piece’s sophistication. 

3. The Versatile Jeremy Strong’s Black Bomber Jacket

The Versatile Jeremy Strong's Black Bomber Jacket

Speaking of Kendall, another look of his that caught our eye was the black bomber jacket. Different from his usual business wear, this jacket showed a more casual side of Kendall. TV Series Succession Jeremy Strong Black Bomber Jacket is a timeless piece and is made of polyester fabric with a buttoned front, ribbed collar, and cuffs. The jacket also has convenient side pockets, perfect for a man on the move. Moreover, the bomber jacket strikes a balance between Kendall’s corporate persona and his off-duty self. It is as if Kendall is trying to let loose and find some relief amidst all the drama. Also, the black color adds to his mysterious aura while keeping it stylish and casual. 

4. The Astounding Alan Ruck’s White Quilted Jacket

The Astounding Alan Ruck's White Quilted Jacket

Connor Roy, who is the eldest of the Roy children, often stands apart from his family’s power dynamics. And his white quilted jacket did an excellent job reflecting this. TV Series Succession Connor Roy White Quilted Jacket is a masterclass in understated elegance. The white color gives it a clean, classic look, while the quilted pattern adds an interesting texture. Furthermore, the jacket features a stand-up collar for warmth, front buttons and zip for easy closure, and side pockets for convenience. 

5. The Timeless Kendall Roy’s Black Jacket

The Timeless Kendall Roy's Black Jacket

Back to Kendall, let’s discuss his classic black jacket. Succession S04 Kendall Roy Black Leather Jacket is made of premium quality real leather. The jacket features a classic lapel collar and front zipper closure. Its tailored fit and sleek lines emphasize Kendall’s position in the family empire. Also, the black color adds a layer of mystery and power to his persona. 

6. The Charming Shiv Roy’s Brown Leather BlazerĀ 

The Charming Shiv Roy's Brown Leather Blazer

Last but certainly not least, let’s discuss another standout piece from Shiv’s wardrobe. Succession 2023 Sarah Snook Brown Leather Coat is a bold and unique choice. The rich brown color and the texture of the leather add a layer of ruggedness and resilience to her personality. The design is single-breasted with sharp lapels. Moreover, the buttons and flap pockets add functionality, creating an outfit that’s equal parts practical and stylish. Shiv’s brown blazer coat is a classic representation of female power. It is a reminder of her place and her unapologetic ambition in a male-dominated world. 

Styling The Succession Outfits

Now that we have covered some of the standout TV Series succession 2023 Costume jackets, let’s dive a bit deeper and talk about the show’s styling. The way the characters wear these pieces is just as important as the outfits themselves. Let’s see how their styling choices enhance their personalities and, of course, their killer looks.

1. The Kendall Roy Shearling Jacket Look

Let’s start with Kendall’s shearling jacket, which is a must-have in the succession tv series wardrobe. To recreate this relaxed yet stylish look, pair the jacket with a simple white tee, your favorite dark-wash jeans, and some cool Chelsea boots. It is the perfect outfit for a casual hangout with friends or even a laid-back date. And, of course, a pair of black sunglasses to top it all off. It will give you that mysterious and cool Kendall vibe.

2. Channeling Shiv Roy’s Brown Blazer Outfit

Now, onto my favorite piece in the Succession TV series wardrobe, Shiv’s brown blazer. To nail this look, pair the blazer with a crisp white shirt and high-waisted, wide-leg trousers. Complete the outfit with a clutch or a statement bag. And for that extra dose of confidence, don a pair of gold earrings. This look would be perfect for an important work meeting or when you are aiming to make a strong impression.

3. The Kendall Roy Black Bomber Jacket Style

Next, let’s talk about one of the favorite character succession Kendall Roy Jackets. His black bomber jacket style is effortlessly chic and gives off a cool vibe. Pair the bomber jacket with a plain black tee and black skinny jeans for a sleek look. Complete this ensemble with black sneakers and a simple silver chain. It is ideal for an evening out or an event where you would like to give off a cool vibe.

4. Rocking Connor’s White Quilted Jacket Outfit

To emulate Connor’s comfy style, wear the white quilted jacket with a cozy turtleneck, straight-leg jeans, and comfortable loafers. To top it off, wear a simple watch and carry a classic leather bag. You can rock this inspired series succession all seasons Jackets outfits on a casual day at work or during a relaxing weekend getaway.

5. Styling Kendall’s Black Jacket Outfit

To achieve Kendall’s black jacket look, you will need to embrace the monochrome aesthetic. Pair the black jacket with a black shirt, sleek black trousers, and polished black dress shoes. Add a statement watch to complete the ensemble. This is an ideal look for a formal corporate event or a high-stakes meeting.

6. Emulating Shiv Roy’s Brown Leather Blazer Look

Last but not least, to channel Shiv’s power dressing, opt for a brown leather blazer. You can find it in our Succession All Latest Clothing Collection. Then, pair the blazer with a black turtle neck and tailored trousers. Add some edge with ankle boots, and complete the look with a classic leather handbag. Don’t forget a pair of earrings to accentuate the entire outfit. This look is ideal for a corporate event.

Wrapping Up

So, there you have it. While Succession continues to captivate us with its storytelling and complex characters, the role of the succession tv series wardrobe cannot be understated. Each outfit we have looked at today tells a story of the characters wearing them. So, when considering your Halloween Costume dress Like Celebrity 2023, let your favorite character inspire you. Pick their style as your costume and truly embody the spirit of your chosen character.