6 Top Layers to Style Your The Killing Outfits!
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Ravishing Top Layers to Style with Your The Killing Outfits to Make People Go Wow!

If you are a fan of the crime-mystery series then we bet that you would not have missed watching The KIlling series! It is a series about a teenage girl who gets murdered, put in the trunk of a car and thrown under the water. The story continues as the police start the investigation of this case. So if you are a fan of this series’ costumes, then we present to you The Killing outfits. Also, various ideas to style them in the most stylish way! So without talking anymore, let us start the discussion!

Sophisticated Billy Campbell The Killing Darren Richmond Wool Coat to Get

Billy Campbell TV Series The Killing Darren Richmond Wool Coat

This sophisticated Billy Campbell The Killing Wool Coat from The Killing Outfits is an elegant piece that can be worn on both formal and semi-formal occasions. Finding this one piece attractive? If yes, then keep reading on to learn more about this marvelous wool coat!

Things to Know About this Phenomenal Wool Coat

Now, let’s talk about this wool coat from The Killing Outfits Collection. The idea of this outerwear coat is taken from Billy Campbell. The actor wore this multi-purpose coat in the killing series. Now let’s have a look at the characteristics of this wonderful wool coat. The coat’s outside part is made up of outerwear as it is already mentioned in the name of this coat’s name. It doesn’t seem like the manufacturers of this coat have used wool in the making of this coat. But the reality is totally the opposite. The outside part of this large coat’s external part is made up of outerwear to keep its wearers warm.

This staggering wool coat comes in black color. The quality of the black color is that it looks good on almost all kinds of outfits. In other words, no matter what you wear, the black color of this coat will never disappoint you. Another quality of this adapting coat is that it has six pockets. These pockets are spacious enough to let its users keep a lot of things in them. These things can be a minicomb, cell phone, lighter (if you are a smoker), handkerchief, wallet etc. Now, let’s start talking about the styling ideas of this coat.


This coat can be worn on different formal and semi-formal occasions. If you want to attend a wedding with this coat, then you can follow this styling guide. The first thing you have to do is to pick up a white button-up shirt along with a dark blue tie. To give you a sophisticated look, wear khaki pants along with derby shoes. And finally, put on your elegant wool coat to finish the look.

Bonus Tip: You can also wear a dark blue scarf to add a finishing touch to your outfit!

# 2

Suppose you are in the mood to try this coat in your office. According to us, it’s not a bad idea. In order to make it happen, follow the instructions that we are just about to give you. So the first thing you gotta do is to wear a white dress shirt along with a black tie. For the bottom, go for beige dress pants. Let’s talk about footwear, we recommend wearing brogue or Oxford shoes to give you a splendid look! For the ending touch, put on your coat onto the outfit.

The Incredible Joel Kinnaman The Killing Stephen Holder Bomber Jacket to Pick

Joel Kinnaman TV Series The Killing Stephen Holder Bomber Jacket

This incredible Joel Kinnaman The Killing Bomber Jacket is available on our website. Therefore, you can order it easily without taking the trouble to go out and buy it physically. Want to know the specifications of this bomber jacket? If yes, then there you go:

Specifications of the Amazing Bomber Jacket

This incredible Bomber jacket’s outer part is made up of a parachute. The purpose of parachute fabric is to prevent its wearers from entering cold winds into the outerwear. Whereas, the black color of this one piece makes the personality of its wearers impressive and powerful! The color of its zipper is golden which gives the jacket a unique look. Excited to know the styling ideas to wear this jacket? Alright then, let’s go for it!

# 1

If you want to make this single piece more attractive? Then you should go for a dark blue t-shirt as well as a grey upper. Firstly, put on your t-shirt, and after that, wear the grey upper to make things sizzling! After that, pick up straight dark blue jeans along with slip-on shoes. And in the end, put on your bomber jacket to wrap up the outfit!


The Second styling idea is here for you! If you want to flaunt this outerwear on two different occasions/places, then here is another styling technique to make you keep going! What you need to do is to pick up a white turtle-neck shirt along with black corduroy pants. This combination has the quality to give its followers a cool look. Confused about what to choose for the footwear? Well, don’t stress yourself out by worrying about it, because we are here! And we recommend you to go for classic sneakers. Guess what’s missing? The main bomber jacket is missing in this outfit. So put it on over all the other pieces and enjoy the final look!

The Marvellous Belko Royce The Killing Brendan Sexton Jacket to Get

Belko Royce TV Series The Killing Brendan Sexton Jacket

The Belko Royce The Killing Jacket from The Killing Outfits is another tremendous piece to try. Curious to know the details of this incredible jacket? Here you go:

Details of the Marvellous Jacket

The idea of this jacket is taken from Brendan Sexton from the movie “The Killing”. The look of this jacket is simple, yet appealing. This phenomenal jacket comes in brown color. The closure method of this jacket is zippered which is considered as a time-saving closure method as compared to button-up uppers. It also has six big pockets which allow its users to keep their essentials in them with ease. Willing to know the styling ideas of this single piece? Well, you have the right to!

# 1

Since this upper is a casual one, we can wear it in different combinations in just a few easy steps. To achieve a super-cool look, pick up a white t-shirt and blend it with a green button-up shirt. If you want to have a unique look, add a pair of beige corduroy pants along with slip-ons shoes. And it’s time to put on the jacket over everything.

# 2

Second, and the last styling idea is here. So, what you need to do is to grab a beige or black turtle-neck shirt and wear it underneath the outerwear. This combination will make everyone go wow at first glance! So continue the styling by mixing up brown corduroy pants with chukka boots to create a jaw-dropping look!


And that’s a wrap-up guys! We are sure that you would have enjoyed this style guide and found it very useful!