TV Series Schooled Outfits

2 Unmissable Outerwears from TV Series Schooled Outfits

Teenage life is the best era of one’s life after childhood. The charm of teenage life is of another level. This is the era when a person is energetic, super-active and has a lively heart. And if you are also a teenager then you will love the TV Series Schooled Outfits that we are having on sale on our website! But that’s not enough, we have multiple styling techniques to style these two outerwears! So let us discuss each of them individually.

The Sizzling Aj Michalka Schooled Lainey Lewis Black Cotton Vest to Choose

2 Unmissable Outerwears from TV Series Schooled Outfits

The amazing Aj Michalka Schooled Black Cotton Vest is on sale on our website for just $129.00. Want to know what was its original price before the sale? It was available for $169.00. That means that if you buy it now, you will save 40 dollars in just one purchase! Isn’t it the amazing thing you heard today? We are sure it is!

Another awesome thing is that we have a “Free Shipping” policy right now all over the world. That means no matter wherever you live, you will get this vest with zero delivery charges! If there is anything wrong with the upper, you can return it within thirty days!

Specifications of the Lainey Lewis Cotton Vest

This adorable vest is inspired by Aj Michalka and comes in black color. There are three buttons attached to this vest on the front part for the closure. But the fact is that leaving it unbuttoned enhances its look no matter how. Want to hear something unexpected? We are sure you didn’t know about its two hidden pockets! This vest has two hidden pockets inside it!

Are you curious to know what fabric is used in the manufacturing of this vest? The external part of it is made up of cotton fabric. At the same time, the inside part is of viscose lining which gives its wearers a nice and super-smooth feeling! This is one of the most pretty clothings from the TV Series Schooled Outfits! Now let’s move towards a variety of styling options for this cute vest.

Styling Ideas

# 1

The combination of red and black looks great together! Do you know what that means? It means that this vest will look astonishing with a red top/blouse/shirt. So we recommend to you to wear a red turtleneck shirt under this vest. But the shirt should be of half sleeves otherwise this combination will not look good. Now what you need to do is to grab a white or black paneled skirt and wear it. And you are almost ready. The second last step to follow is to get a pair of the right type of footwear. And we recommend choosing wedges to complete the look.

Additional Tips:

You can also add a red beret to enhance the look of your outfit!

Other than that, you can also wear black bracelets in both wrists if you want to add some charm to your look.


The second styling method to choose is a classy one! Start styling by picking a red military shirt and mixing it with the vest. In order to choose the bottoms, we recommend wearing a pair of flared dark blue jeans. This combination will give you a cool look. For footwear, put on converse shoes.


And we have brought here the third styling idea for you. To achieve this look, follow the instructions that we are giving you. So let’s start this. First of all, wear an off-white v-neck t-shirt and combine it with the vest. Now, grab a pair of beige cotton pants along with slip-ons and wear both of these pieces together. This styling idea will give you a jaw-dropping look!

The Stylish AJ Michalka Schooled Lainey Lewis Black Leather Jacket to Get

2 Unmissable Outerwears from TV Series Schooled Outfits

The stylish Schooled Lainey Lewis Black Leather Jacket is a beautiful leather jacket that we have on sale on our website these days. Want to know the discounted rates of this jacket? This incredible jacket is available for just $149.00 instead of 189.00 which is its original price! That means that you will be able to save 40 dollars, which is not a bad deal! It also has a 30 days return policy whereas, there are no shipping charges on this product!

Characteristics of the Stylish Leather Jacket

This jacket is also inspired by Lainey Lewis who is the main character of “Schooled”. This jacket’s black color and full sleeves give it a dominant look! Whereas, the color of its collar is pure white which looks outstanding with black! This outerwear looks as if it doesn’t have a single pocket in it but the reality is totally opposite. It has four pockets. Yes, you read it right. Two outside and two inside. Now let’s move towards the styling options of this jacket. It won’t be wrong if we say that this jacket is one of the most stylish clothing from the TV Series Schooled Outfits we have!


This incredible jacket will go perfect with a black tank top. For bottoms, let us choose A-line skirt. If that looks too short for you, then you can wear a wrap skirt instead. Wondering which footwear I am going to recommend to you? They are red knee boots.


Another option is to mix a red sleeveless shirt with the leather jacket. After that, get a tulip skirt along with bow sandals. Now put on everything along, and see the amazing results!


In the third styling idea, we have an A-line dress to recommend to you. So mix it with your leather jacket. After this, put on jelly shoes to complete the look.


We are sure that we have recommended you two multi-purpose jackets from our TV Series Schooled Outfits as well as six of the really cool and stylish styling ideas to style them. So go and get them as soon as possible before the offer ends!