Yellowstone Style Guide

Build Seven Astounding Looks With The Help Of This Yellowstone Style Guide in 2023

If you are a fan of the Yellowstone series then you must have loved the costumes used in this masterpiece. Therefore, if this is the case, then let us tell you that this style guide is just for you to get the perfect Yellowstone attire! How? Because we are going to teach you how to dress up in a striking way with the Yellowstone jackets in this style guide!

There are different kinds of jackets used in the Yellowstone series and all of them are based on the cowboy theme. Therefore, if you are fond of Western clothing, you must love all the Yellowstone costumes.

About The Show:

The Yellowstone series is based on the grazing topic. This show is known by the majority of people and very famous amongst all age groups.

The Yellowstone series is based on a family who runs the biggest contagious cattle ranch. This series is based on the sad reality of poor people that how they survive under the dominance of brutal rich people. The series also shows how these poor people risk their lives to stay alive.

About The Costumes

In this style guide, you will get to know amazing dressing ideas about the apparel used in this TV series. And these costumes are used by the two main characters of this series. Let us get to know a little bit about each character one by one.

RIP Wheeler

RIP Wheeler Jacket

This is one of the positive characters of Yellowstone and the costume of RIP Wheeler is extremely famous among its fans.

The reason that makes this character so unique among all the other characters in this series is the black jacket that he has worn throughout the whole series.

Other accessories also improve this character’s overall look. We have listed them below:

1. Cowboy hat

2. Aviator glasses

3. Denim shirt

4. Denim Jeans

These are the four accessories that make him stand apart from all the other characters in an impressive way!

If you want to know more about this character, let me tell you that bearing violence, fear and injustice in the early years of his life, RIP Wheeler becomes a strong person after experiencing such brutalities as he grows up. As he grows up and becomes an adult, starts getting helpless people justice by fighting with their enemies.

People from all parts of America love and admire this character from the depths of their hearts. Now let’s talk about some of the styling methods that you can use with RIP Wheeler’s jacket.

Styling Methods


The signature of the jacket of RIP Wheeler is the alphabet “Y” which is printed on the front side of this masterpiece. This feature of this jacket makes it recognizable among all the other outerwear used in this series.

If you have the desire to dress up like him, go for the instructions that we are about to give you. Firstly, what you need to do is to get your hands on straight blue jeans. After that, grab a button–down shirt and team it up with the jeans. In the end, go for accessories like a cowboy hat, a scarf, and leather gloves. And there you go with the first styling idea to wear this jacket!


Another styling technique to try is here. If you want a semi-casual look with this jacket, you can go for black corduroy pants along with a white button-up shirt. For footwear, go for brown brogue shoes. In the end, put on your black cotton jacket to give this look a perfect ending touch!


If you wish to build a semi-formal look with this one piece, go for this outfit idea. To make yourself look decent yet appealing, choose the clothing pieces wisely. But if you can’t choose which clothing combinations to try with this jacket, feel free to use this style guide!

So the first thing you must do is pick up beige dress pants. After that, get your hands on a light-blue button-up shirt and mix it with brogue shoes. To make things more interesting, add a thin black tie to the outfit. And it’s time to put on your black cotton jacket onto the whole outfit. These are the three ways that you can take advantage of to get different appealing looks with just a little effort!

John Dutton

John Dutton jackets

This is the main character of this series. John Dutton is a respectable character who is the keeper of the Yellowstone ranch. Therefore, this character is loved by the majority of Yellowstone fans. The main purpose of John Dutton’s life is to protect the ranch.

Mr.Dutton has worn multiple jackets in this series. Each jacket has a different design. If we compare John Dutton’s costumes with RIP Wheeler, Mr.Dutton will win. Why? Because RIP Wheeler has worn only one jacket in the whole series while Mr.Dutton has worn a number of jackets in the same show. And one example of John Dutton’s costume is his famous cotton jacket.

Let us classify those costumes in the following section.

Season 1- John Dutton rocked a black vest made up of wool in the first season. It is a multi-seasonal outerwear that can be worn both in the fall and winter. It is a soft and comfortable vest that is ideal for middle-aged men just like the fictional character John Dutton.

Season 2- The second jacket is a piece of garment that has fur all around its collar. The material of this jacket is corduroy which makes it look fabulous on all the other clothing items from the Yellowstone series!

Season 3- In season three, John Dutton rocked a beautiful beige leather jacket. The only difference between this and his previous jacket is their fabric. In other words, his previous jacket was made up of cotton while this one is leather.

Since we have talked about the apparel of the two main characters of this series, let’s talk about how we can use these outerwears in real life.

There is still more to know about John Dutton’s life that you need to know. That “more” is here.

John Dutton has seen extremely hard times in his life since he started taking care of his and his family’s ranch. And not only he, but his family has also suffered a lot in their lives. In spite of seeing so many hard times in his life, he runs the ranch with great loyalty and honesty.

Now we will talk about some of the possible styling techniques in the next section.

Styling Options

John Dutton has repeatedly worn the same clothes in the Yellowstone series, but always worn different outerwear with them. Those outerwears include wool and cotton jackets as well as the ravishing cotton vest. Now let’s start the styling game in the most interesting way!

1. The Winter Look With The Wool Vest

The Winter Look With The Wool Vest

If you want to wear this wool vest as a casual but warm piece of cloth, then go for this styling technique. In the first step, get your hands on a turtle-neck shirt and blend it with the wool vest. Then grab a pair of wide-leg jeans and mix them up with Cowboy boots. This way, you can achieve a warm plus voguish look!

Styling Tip: To spice things up, add a brown belt to the final look. And the best part is, that you won’t need to go anywhere else, as everybody already has them in their wardrobes.

2. The Beige Leather Jacket Look

The Beige Leather Jacket Look (1)

If you are in the mood to build a super-stylish look, you can go for this styling option. What you need to do is to grab a polo shirt. Then, combine it with the leather jacket. And now is the time to choose the right type of bottoms according to this shirt and outerwear. For bottoms, go for a pair of flare side-cut jeans. And now add Chelsea boots with this outfit, and you are ready to flaunt!

3. The Unique Corduroy Brown Jacket Look

The Unique Corduroy Brown Jacket Look

According to us, this brown corduroy jacket is the best among all the other jackets that we have discussed yet in this guide. To style this one piece, grab a few items first, then put them on. The first thing you gotta collect is a pair of flare jeans. After that, team it up with a military shirt. For footwear, go for minimalist shoes to attain a cool look. Now add the top layer to complete the look.

Alternative Styling Method

Here is one more styling method that you can try with this one piece. In this method, all you need to do is to wear a jersey shirt and team it up with the top layer. Once you do that, get your hands on regular-fit blue jeans and a pair of slip-on shoes. So this is how you can achieve another styling look with this super-stylish brown jacket.


After reading this Yellowstone style guide, you have got different styling ideas to rock this season. It means that now you have got the treasure of Yellowstone fashion ideas. So do follow them, and flaunt each outfit with these Yellowstone outerwears!

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