Strange Cinematic Experience by Wade Wilson and Team
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Strange Cinematic Experience by Wade Wilson and Team

Tim Miller’s brainchild, Deadpool, is an apt adaption of the comic book hero! Deadpool’s first appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine enticed viewers to gush over this dramatic anti-hero. The spin-off for the wittiest superhero ever was decided to happen in 2010 finally. Years later, when Deadpool went onto the big screens, the response from the public was as phenomenal as the original movie. Diehard fans in Dead Pool Costumes made several appearances in Comic-Cons and convention to relive the experience again and again.

Breaking many records at the time of its release, the fate of Deadpool 2 was sealed the moment Ryan Reynold made his first appearance in Deadpool. After two hugely successful movies, the spin-off turned the main series is on the third phase of its journey with the development of a third Deadpool film in the pipelines. In the second film, Wade Wilson did not appear alone. Although his way of human interaction is somewhat questionable, he made sure to bring along a fully capable and skilled team with him this time!

Negasonic Teenage Warhead

The coolest X-Man, Negasonic, can now detonate atomic bursts from her body after extensive training. Brianna Hildebrand portrayed the role of the energetic teenager and slayed in her chic gothic look. The punk kid style of the mutant teenager is something almost all teenagers have fawned over.

She plays an active role in making the funny movie inclusive for all communities. Her look is designed in a way that shows that her superhuman powers affected her as well. Her hair is spiky short, indicating that she might have burnt them herself.

Angel Dust

Gina Carano brings Angel Dust’s character to life in the first Deadpool film. Possessing superhuman speed and strength, she is a force to reckon with. She belongs to the mutant program that transformed Wade Wilson into Deadpool. It is common knowledge that Angel Dust had a hard time coming to terms with her mutant abilities. She left her family to save them from potential harm while she struggled with her abilities. She has a strong aura around her coming off of her rugged looks!


Vanessa – played by Morena Baccarin – was an expected appearance. As Deadpool’s fiancée, she marked her presence very briefly in the sequel. For the sake of fridging – to show Deadpool’s character development in more light – Vanessa was killed right at the beginning. Fan’s dropped smiles quickly turned upside down when a time travel scenario took place at the end of the sequel, and character deaths were reversed. Baccarin trusted the creators since she was aware of the fact that this sequel had enough strong women to keep the attention on the plot!


Fan favorite and a time-traveling opposite of Deadpool, Cable was a cybernetic soldier with lots of skills under his wings. Most of the focus for this character was on the action sequences. He was brought to life to maintain the adventure hype of the movie. He is often known in association with X-Men, making him a famous name among the groups. He fixes Deadpool’s errors by traveling through time and eventually fixes his relationship with Deadpool.


The cable is on a hunt, but for whom? Pyrokinesis is a valued skill, and a young mutant possesses it. Do the math, and you will know that Firefist – portrayed by Julian Dennison – is one of the important characters in the sequel. Firefist portrays a dark side for most of the film, but this only fascinated the fans to know more about this unusual appearance in a superhero film.


Nothing more dangerous than an ability that can manipulate luck. Domino possesses this inhuman power and forms a sibling type relationship with dark wits, Deadpool. Domino breaks many stereotypes during her shooting for the movie and has gained lots of traction from the moment she appeared in the trailer of Deadpool 2.

All these characters wear iconic costumes – all credit to their stylists. But the viewers have eyes only for the ones who appear on screens. The brilliant collection of Dead Pool Jackets is quite famous and peaks in demand just before Halloween or a big Comic-Con.