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Style Guide On How To Dress Like John Dutton

If you are a die-hard fan of John Dutton from the Yellowstone series and want to know how to dress like John Dutton then this style guide is just for you! So take advantage of this golden opportunity, utilize this style guide completely, and surprise every movie lover out there! And all this is possible with the help of John Dutton jackets. On that note, let us start today’s conversation in the most exciting way!

An Introduction To The Yellowstone Series

The Yellowstone series is watched by people of all age groups. These series are about a helpless ranching family who lives in Montana. Later on in the series, it is shown that there are some men who have eyes on this poor family’s land. They even take actions to encroach on their land. But the story becomes more interesting when this family decides to fight these bad men by risking its life.

John Dutton Outfit Ideas

Striking John Dutton Yellowstone Kevin Costner Blue Quilted Cotton Vest

Yellowstone series

This Striking John Dutton Yellowstone Kevin Costner Blue Quilted Cotton Vest is best to wear on both casual and semi-casual occasions. Stylish vests like this should be a part of every man’s wardrobe to fashionize himself. Let us have a look at the qualities and attributes of this outerwear.

Attributes Of The John Dutton Blue Quilted Vest

We know it’s hard to believe that this vest is made up of cotton, but we want you to believe it. As cotton makes any garment super-soft, just like this, the manufacturers of this vest have put viscose inside it to double-up the softness of this one piece. The zippered closure of this one piece adds style to this vest as well as saves its users’ time as compared to buttoned closures.

Since we are talking about style, let us tell you that this quilted vest comes with a stand-up collar that makes its users feel energetic. The total number of pockets of this top layer is four. Two pockets of them are situated on both sides of its waist in a tilted position, while the other two are inside it. Now let’s talk about how you can wear this article to look like John Dutton.

Styling Game

To style this jacket, what you can do to look exactly like John Dutton is to compile a few clothing items first, and then wear them in a proper way. Those clothing items are:

1- Light-Blue Button-Up Shirt: Here, we will get our hands on a light-blue button-up shirt that looks exactly like the original John Dutton Shirt that Kevin Costner wore in the Yellowstone series. So put it on and roll up its sleeves to your forearms to get the exact look of John Dutton.

2- Straight Jeans: For bottoms, we will recommend you to wear straight jeans just like the original John Dutton jeans that he wore in this series. Another reason for recommending these jeans is because no other jeans would make you attain the John Dutton look.

3- Cowboy Boots: It’s the time to talk about footwear that will be appropriate for this outfit. Well, choosing a pair of cowboy boots will do the work. Why? Because it is the element that completes this look.

4- Cowboy Hat: John Dutton’s look can not be completed without wearing a cowboy hat which is the signature of this fictional character. So put it on and build the perfect look!

After incorporating all these items, put them on along with your blue quilted vest to get your desired results. And let us tell you that this is the most overwhelming John Dutton Outfits amongst all the others!

Ravishing Kevin Costner Yellowstone John Dutton Black Wool Vest

Yellowstone series

Here we are with another stylish Kevin Costner Yellowstone John Dutton Black Wool Vest. But this time, the main material and color of this vest is totally different from the previous/ last one that I mentioned in this conversation.

Traits Of The John Dutton Black Wool Vest

It doesn’t look like it, but the main material of this vest is wool that keeps its wearers warm even in the extreme chilly days. The internal part of this vest is viscose that is responsible for giving its users a soft and comfortable feel.

To make this vest ultra-stylish, the makers of it have put a zippered closure system in it. Now let’s talk briefly about its black color. Well, black is the favorite color of the majority of men when it comes to clothing.

Among men, black is considered to be the color of domination and authority. Yes, it’s true; most of the men think that wearing black makes them feel tough and strong. This is the reason why they consider black as a color of bossyness.

Do you want to know how many pockets this black vest has? Well, this masterpiece has four pockets; two external and two internal. Both the external pockets are not so spacious, but they add style to this top layer.

Styling Game

Here is how you can style this wool vest to look like John Dutton. To get this look, you will need to compile the following items first to get the perfect look:

1- Light-Blue Cotton Button-up Shirt: Get your hands on a light-blue corduroy button-up shirt. Corduroy gives its wearers a sophisticated and elegant look, so go for it!

2- Straight Jeans: For bottoms, choose a pair of blue straight jeans just like you did in the previous look of this John Dutton style guide.

3- Chelsea Boots: For footwear, go for Chelsea boots instead of cowboy boots this time as Chelsea boots are more suitable for this outfit.

4- Brown Hat: To get the perfect look, pick up a brown hat and add to this outfit.

After assembling this stuff, all you need to do is to put them on along with your black wool vest to finish the look.

Incredible Yellowstone Season 04 John Dutton Vest

Yellowstone series

Now let’s talk about the Yellowstone season 04 John Dutton vest that Kevin Costner flaunts in the fourth season of Yellowstone. To make you look exactly like John Dutton, keep reading this conversation further to find out.

Attributes Of The Incredible Yellowstone John Dutton Brown Vest

This brown vest looks like a cotton vest but the reality is something else. Well, the thing is that this brown vest’s main material is leather. To make this vest soft from inside, the makers of it have put viscose lining internally.

Just like the previous two vests, this outerwear also has a zippered closure system that enhances the look of this outerwear. The total number of pockets in this piece of art is four; two outside and two inside.

Styling Game

To achieve this look, go for the following items first, compile them, and then wear them.

1- Dark Green Cotton Button-up Shirt: The combination of brown and dark green looks fab together, therefore, don’t hesitate and just go for it!

2- Light Brown Cotton Pants: Mingle brown cotton pants with the green button-up shirt to create a flawless look!

3- Brown Boots: For footwear, get your hands on a pair of short brown leather boots.

Once you collect all this stuff, you already know what to do next!

Phenomenal Kevin Costner Yellowstone Brown Jacket

Yellowstone series

You can also use this Kevin Costner Yellowstone Brown Jacket to get another John Dutton look. If you want this look, we want you to continue reading this conversation further.

Features Of The Kevin Costner Yellowstone Brown Jacket

You won’t believe it, but this brown jacket is made up of cotton. As cotton makes any garment soft and comfortable, therefore, the demand for this brown jacket is very high these days. So if you also don’t want to miss this amazing jacket, hurry up and get it right now!

Talking about material, let us tell you that viscose is used in the internal area of this apparel item to keep its users comfortable and satisfied. This outerwear has a shirt-style collar that allows its users to wear this article casually and comfortably.

You will be surprised to know that this single piece has two closure systems. One is buttoned, and the other is zippered. So you have the choice to use any one from them that you find convenient.

Having said that, let us tell you that the light brown color gives this outerwear a soft and elegant look. This outerwear has buttoned-cuffs that pushes back wild and cold blizzards to reach their user’s body. This fantastic cotton jacket comes with six pockets. Four of them are outside and the remaining two inside.

Styling Game

To dress up like John Dutton with the help of this Yellowstone jacket, grab the following items first:

1- Light-Brown Button-Up Shirt: No other shirt and color can look good with this jacket to make you look like John Dutton. Therefore, pick up a light-brown button-up shirt and put it underneath the Yellowstone cotton jacket as the first clothing layer.

2- Dark-Brown Upper: Putting on a dark brown zippered upper as the second layer over the light-brown shirt is the perfect combination to get the John Dutton look.

3- Straight Jeans: Choosing a pair of blue straight jeans will give you the perfect John Dutton appearance.

4- Ankle Boots: Grab a pair of brown ankle-length boots, put them on, and flaunt the outfit!


There you go with the four John Dutton outfit ideas to help you look exactly like John Dutton! So make the most of this Yellowstone style guide, and rock each outfit in a unique way! Let us tell you here that you can use these outfits on both the casual and semi-casual occasions.