Delivery & Shipping Policy

J4Jacket accept orders from all over the world. To see if we deliver to your country simply click on the dropdown menu at the top of the page. If your country is listed then select. You may however still be subject for extra import obligation if forced by your nation's customs service.

Please note that we charge in US Dollars. The actual amount you pay will be identified by the exchange rate your card issuer applies to the transaction to change your currency into US Dollars

Standard Shipping

Normally delivery will take 5-6 days excluding the manufacturing time to all the major destinations in any part of world. Standard shipping is the preference for most of our clients. Transit time for the delivery could vary from destination to destination. However, it is clear that for standard shipping there are no charges payable.

Time Definite Shipping

We do offer special service of Time Definite Delivery whereby we will be able to reduce the delivery time 3-4 days excluding the manufacturing time. However, time definite delivery facility will not be a free service. The time definite service is not guaranteed service and is available at some selected destinations.


  • The delivery time informed above does not include order manufacturing time. This could take 5-7 days normally.
  • We will be hiring the best possible courier service to dispatch your order. DHL, FedEx, UPS are commonly used it all depends on your location.
  • The stated shipping time is an estimation of the transit required; uncertain circumstances like natural disasters or war would affect the transit time.  


Selection of the Courier Service

The transit routes and circumstances in different countries do have an impact over the delivery time, yet customers want their orders to be delivered on time. To address this issue we choose the right courier service to deliver your orders on time.