Do you want to look as cool as Harley Quin? If you are really impressed with Harley Quin’s Jacket in Suicide Squad and you think that you will look super cool in her jacket, then we warmly welcome you to the right place. You can be gorgeous, stunning and dynamic just as Margot Robbie from the super hit movie Suicide Squad.

Margot Robbie played the role of Harley Quin in the American superhero film named “Suicide Squad”. The movie is based on DC comics. The movie was first premiered on August 1, 2016, in Newyork and was released on 5th August in the United Sates same year.

The character of Harley Quin was created by Bruce Timm and Paul Dini. The character first appeared in the Batman which is the animated series of the year 1992 in the month of September and after that, she appeared in the comic books of DC comics batman. She appeared with her first appearance of the comic books in September 1993.

We can do crazy things when we are in love and so Harley Quin did. She was a psychiatrist before she moving into this madness. She was assigned to Arkham Asylum at Gotham’s home. She meets a criminally insane person at Arkham Asylum, Gotham’s home. When she met the joker there, the young psychiatrist got haunted with the joker’s criminal state of mind. As Harley was there to bring him out of this criminal’s warped mind, she fell in love with that villain joker and helped him in getting out from Arkham Asylum. The Joker manipulated her completely and so Harley decided to try every possible thing that could make him happy.

Harley Quin is the supervillain and the hottest character of this year or maybe she will remain the hottest super villain character on the big screen.

This year Suicide Squad hits the big screen and the most-anticipated movie on the blockbuster. The movie is directed by David Ayer. The costume is the totally ensemble with fishnets, hot pants, and white cropped tee. We are offering here Harley Quin’s Jacket from Suicide Squad movie. Beautifully designed jacket, half red and half blue colored with “Property of Joker” printed on its back in gold. What a combo of red, blue and gold bomber style jacket! This sexy jacket is designed to show the love of Quin for the joker.

Harley Quin has become the controversial character, everyone knows that. Some people say that she is as violent as male villains are and she is a damn crazy person about villainess. some people argue that the joker to whom she is in love with, just used her and that’s why people consider her as the joker’s plaything only.

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