Do you love superman? Do you want to dress like a superman? If yes, then get a start over here. Superman - Man Of Steel Jacket is worn by Clark Kent, real name Henry Cavill in his movie named Man Of Steel.

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In real, the Superman suit is designed by Michael Wilkinson. He was working on another project and then began to work on Superman’s project. It was before the production of the film. The director of the film Snyder come to ask Michael Wilkinson for the making Superman's costume along with James (Jim) Acheson prototyping ideas and some other concepts arts. Michael took these ideas and start working with his own ideas. His designs were get approved and that was an awesome starting point for him. Michael and Warren Manser (the concept artist) was with each other all the time whereas Jim presence was only be seen at the beginning only.  

There are separate layers of a superman suit. The under layer of the costume has sculpted detail which is mounted over the Superman’s bodysuit. The top of the under layer is stretched with a chainmail texture designed thin mesh. And there are also material like foam-latex used on the side body or on the cuffs, etc.

The plan is to evoke the character of the “Man Of Steel” that's why a metallic finish is used to give an ambiguous quality to the costume. The idea was to give a glow to the superman character widely on the screen so everyone could love the Superman character and his role.

All the ideas have been catered accordingly to design the suit. Michael Wilkinson and the others work together to design the extraordinary costume for Superman. They designed the suit that perfectly fits on the film’s story. All the elements have incorporated accordingly and put into the Kryptonian clothing. The costume designer’s wanted to prepare a suit that creates a legacy of the character and as well as that has some signs of past.

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