Monthly Archives: November 2016

  1. El Diablo’s Devil Jacket

    The jacket which we are introducing you in this article is El Diablo Jacket from the movie Suicide Squad. Many of you are familiar with this name as this name is commonly used in DC world for many other characters too. Lazarus Lane was the first person who called himself as El Diablo back in 1970’s as he has gone through some serious death experience. The exact meaning of the word “Diablo” is “The Devil”, so he played a vigilante role.

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  2. Superman – Man Of Steel Jacket

    Do you love superman? Do you want to dress like a superman? If yes, then get a start over here. Superman - Man Of Steel Jacket is worn by Clark Kent, real name Henry Cavill in his movie named Man Of Steel.

    This is the real super hit movie. Superman is all time favorite character of many of us. And that's why we are offering you with the best quality and design of Superman Jacket.

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