TV Series Jacket Collection

Binge Watch These 8 TV Shows to Reinvent Your Style

What happens when all the articles in your wardrobe say the same thing? Style becomes boring, and there is no creativity left in your outfits. You need to step up your game if you ever find yourself stuck in this place. No one stops watching TV just suddenly, and now that there are streaming sites available, shows are dominating our media and entertainment. The TV Series Jacket Collection is a tried and tested way of bringing new stuff into your wardrobe. Follow through this blog to see if you are up to date or not!

Happiest Season

Conservative family, gay couple, holiday celebrations, and family reunions, all this happens in the Happiest Season. While all these happenings make it an appropriate show for this season, do not downplay its stylists work. Each one of the characters shines bright and revel in their style given to them by the creators. If you have any doubts, watch the series yourself, it is a spectacular work of art!

The Queen’s Gambit

The Queen’s Gambit is set in an old era, showing the world a picture of the Cold War era. The series is about an orphaned prodigy who excels at playing chess. Beth Harmon is obsessed and addicted to this game, and now she wants to become the greatest ever. Look how she experiences different hurdles and swoon over the exceptional work of the stylist in this show. Every single outfit of Beth consists of plaid on one or another way, to relate to a chessboard.

This Is Us

This Is Us is a family drama with all the wholesome scenes one might want in a television show. Every episode is full of life and all the characters, from the main protagonists to the minor ones, everyone looks extremely invested in their character. Since the show is pretty relatable, their outfits are quite relatable as well. You can expect to get blind sighted with the terrific outfit inspirations from this show.

The Rain

A coming of an age drama set in a dystopian world will blow your mind with the stark combinations of outfits. Two Danish siblings and their years of confinement end when they get out of the bunker their parents left them in. After joining a group of fellow young survivors, they start a new journey where love, loss, and jealousy are intertwined. The Rain has many opposites and hence, gives iconic inspirations for all sorts of days.

Emily in Paris

Marketing executive Emily Cooper is on to her journey of giving an American perspective to a company in Paris. The comedy romance in the series and the display of exquisite dresses is enough to lure anyone into watching these amazing series. Make sure you pay extra attention to the accessories because Emily made sure she wore everyone from head to toe in perfect harmony!

Virgin River

Seeking a new meaning for her life, Melinda Monroe, a nurse with a heart of gold, makes a move. She shifts from LA and is on her way to get lots of surprises. Watch the show to know how many ups and downs she is about to face. The second season of the show was released recently, which has sparked the interest of diva’s in the show once again.


Arrow is a science fiction masterpiece which is known for all the action sequences in the show. The show puts out a brilliant front with exquisite clothing options and a brilliant storyline. All the major roles are given to a well-known cast, which is why the show has a huge fandom. A long-running show, it is perfect for all those enthusiasts looking to find a way to merge their personalities in their outfits.

Anne with an E

Anne, with an E, is not your typical coming of age show. It focuses on teenagers, but form a completely different time. The TV Series Jackets you will find in this show are vintage, classic, and highly minimalist. Follow the style of Anne for a simple yet alluring wardrobe.