90s series with the most iconic style
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’90s Series with the Most Iconic Style!

Television series and shows have always been an inspiration when it comes to fashion. For the decade, people love wearing the inspired jackets from TV Series Jacket Collections; every decade has its famous TV series from which people carried their favorite styles. However, the ’90s have considered being the most significant era in the fashion world. Big prints, rib-knitted vests, fanny packs, mom jeans or high-waist jeans, crunches, oversize jackets, and blazers, slip dresses, mismatched sneakers, and many more, ’90s style was addictive, and it doesn’t seem so far.

You may have noticed in your parent’s old photographs that all those styles from the series were so hyped, and people copied them, even if the story of a show is washed away, but it has the right style. People will still copy these styles. Some shows regenerated the old style, while some brought back the aura of totally new styles with class and colors. Now that the ’90s are making their way back into our lives, few show that you should binge-watch to have some note-worthy outfits; if you want to look classy, this should be done immediately.


You have been living under the rock my friend, if you don’t have the idea about Friends or haven’t watched it. This iconic show hit the screens exactly 25 years ago and became a major hit. This show followed the story of six bachelors in their later 20’s leading their lives. They all serve in very different fields professionally, but their personal lives are somehow interconnected. Friends created a large impact on every bachelor living in NY City, which is one of the main reasons for this show’s success. Even after 25 years, this show is relatable.

Friends also created a huge impact on the fashion industry; though most of it is comes from the flippy hairstyles, the clothing styles are as popular — or undeniably timeless and chic. From Pheobe’s cranky styles to Rachel’s classiest minimalistic-chic styles, you would happily borrow anything from this show. Not just these two, but Monica Geller has also given some major fashion moments with her tomboy-ish dressing and glamorous chic style dresses (Monica can carry it all!). Friends was not a gender-biased show, so you’ll find a huge range of classy clothes for men too. From showing undershirt too much, wearing vests over dress shirts; Chandler Bing, to the sloppy styles of Joey. Everything is on this show!


This series was the one that helped Will Smith on getting to a higher point in his career. This series was a mixture of emotions with classy humor. It follows a boy from Philadelphia who was sent by his mom to the Bel-Air, to live with his Aunt and Uncle. Will played this role by keeping his real name, and he found new challenges in Bel-Air almost every day. However, the real fashionista of this show is Hilary Banks, who wore every outfit with so much uniqueness and class in it that everyone fell in love with her.

But other cast’s dresses were also on the point. With subtle designs and pastel-colored sweaters, Carlton Banks proved that he is as stylish as his sister. Ashley’s style upgraded from a kid to a sassy teenager, and most of her outfits were too classy and timeless. Will Smith focused more on the funky colored streetwear styles, with his oversized shirts and bright colored sneaker! The style of this show is summarized in the aura of bold colors, bright prints with the right amount of accessories.


Sex and the City is a show that revolves around the life of four women who want to change their lives. With giving us all major humorous moments, this show also gave us all major styling tips. Be it Carries’ beautiful dresses, trendy togs, and timeless footwear, or Miranda’s chic style, Sex and The City wardrobe are still worthy of being on your shopping list. This show gives you the classiest yet sexy outfit ideas even after decades of getting released. So, have a look at this series’ style before going for TV Series Jackets and dresses.